Collagen (75 g)
Collagen (75 g)
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This Collagen Protein powder is uniquely extracted from deep-sea plants, rather than from the skins of ox, pig, fish or bird. Through special German biochemical engineering technology and unique cool temperature purifying technology, the natural deep-sea algae are pasteurized into 100% fine powdered collagen protein without the change of protein quality, but the removal of neutral fat, cholesterol and purine. Besides, the Amino-acid ratio in the collagen powder is similar to that in the human body's chondroid tissue. It serves as the glue that holds the body together. It is, therefore, the best dietary supplements for all people, even for those diabetes patients and gout sufferers. This collagen item is a pure natural high-tech product with no fat, no cholesterol, no purine, no artificial colouring, and no preservatives. It is widely recommended as a prescriptive drug sold at German hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. It is 100% soluble in water, with neutral taste. Anyone can take it at ease for a long time as it has no side effects at all.

Functions of Collagen Protein

Collagen is one of the proteins found in human body. It is present in our skins, bones, muscles, tenders, cartilage, gum, teeth, eyes, blood vessels, nails and hair. As we age, we loose approximately 1% of this protein per year. When there isn't enough collagen protein in your body, certain symptoms may appear, such as: loose skin, more wrinkles, coarse hair, senile osteoporosis, stiff joint, and etc. Bio-Effect® Collagen protein powder is extracted from natural deep-sea algae. Its amino-acid ratio is similar to that in the human body's chondroid tissue, it is therefore recommended as the protein building substance in phoroplast and sarcology. Bio-Effect® Collagen Protein powder has the following functions:

Preventing from skin aging:

Collagen protein is the essential substance in our body. 70% of the protein present in our skin comes from collagen. The daily intake of collagen powder can effectively prevent from skin aging and serves better than the exterior use of cosmetics. As indicated by the Associate Professor Zheng Hui-Wen of Taipei Medical Institute, a PhD medicine in California University, the loss of collagen in the corneum is the major cause of wrinkles. Therefore, the supplement of collagen protein is an effective solution of wrinkle removal to both men and women.

Preventing from osteoporosis:

The lack of collagen protein in ossature will lead to the loss of calcium. In order to prevent and cure osteoporosis, a plentiful intake of collagen protein is essential in addition to the supplement of calcium and Vitamin D.

Improving arthralgia and rheumatic gout:

All the chronic pains and indisposition from the ossature and joints can be improved by the supplement of collagen protein. Doctors in Japan verified the following statement from their clinical experiences: Collagen protein has some preventing and improving functions towards gonatalgia, lumbago and omarthralgia. The reason is that the loss of collagen protein will hardly hold the calcium in ossature, hence the symptom of osteoporosis. At some hospitals in Germany and France, the collagen powder is even taken as the prescription treatment towards the arthritis and rheumatism.

Improving hypersensitive dermatitis and asthma:

The daily intake of collagen powder can improve health and prevent from aging. It is even effective for those suffering from cutaneous anaphylaxis, pollenosis, allergic nasitis, adiposis, macilent, autonomic imbalance, arhythmia, gastroenteropathy, oculopathy, constipation, physiological pains, and etc.

Preventing from canities and defluvium:

The lack of collagen protein in the root of hair causes the imbalanced Hormone, canities and defluvium. Therefore, the supplement of collagen is the best solution to these symptoms.

Preventing from cancer disease:

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, the daily intake of collagen powder can also effectively prevent from cancer disease. This statement is verified by Japanese doctors through their clinical study of collagen protein on animals.

Promoting the wound healing:

Clinical trials show that collagen protein is able to promote the production of phoroplast and accelerate the wound healing. According to the test on rabbits, it is discovered that the more supplement of collagen protein, the quicker the wound healing, and upward in a linear way. In addition, a biochemical research institute in Japan had a clinical trial on rat skin. They discovered that the supplement of collagen protein can accelerate the metabolism of cutis, hence the quick wound healing.

Do you lack Collagen Protein?

Symptoms when you lack Collagen Protein

Body Skin:
Lose lustre and elasticity; Easily get aging wrinkles and gravid striae during pregnancy; Looks pale in the skin; The wound does not heal quickly, but easily leave scars.

Facial Skin:
Lack lustre and elasticity; Easily produce wrinkles; Cosmetics do not work well on it; Easily engender acne and pimples.

Hair & Nail:
Hair becomes desiccant and furcated; Nail easily breaks or looks grey pale and lusterless.

Trachea Tissue:
The cilia and cartilaginous tissue easily get degenerated, hence the hypofunction, causing hypersensitiveness and illness.

Blood Vessel:
The cell tissue in the blood vessel easily get degenerated and lose elasticity or tenacity, causing poor blood circulation, hence the heart and blood diseases.

Cartilage in Skeleton & Joints, Synovia, Tendon, Ligament:
1. Lack elasticity in the tendon and ligament, causing sporting injury easily;
2. Cannot effectively keep calcium in ossature and joints, hence the symptom of hunchback and aching backs and legs.
3. Easily cause pathological changes in all the joints.

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