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Pancreatic Cancer

In October 2003 I was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. I had hemorrhaged in August and was found to have a very large tumor. At that time surgery was not possible because my hemoglobin was too low so I was sent home to try to build it up. In October I hemorrhaged again and my hemoglobin dropped to around 53. Surgery was impossible now because a number of organs were involved with the tumor and a lot of blood vessels had fused together. I was told that I would not survive the surgery and was sent home to palliative care.

I have been a believer in alternative treatment for many years and my family started to look into finding someone to help me. Through a friend we found out about Ben Liu in Vancouver and went to see him. We were very impressed with what we heard and I knew right away that this was the treatment I wanted to take. He suggested I take six products for six or eight weeks and see how I felt. I started taking Canaid, Yu-ccan, Canease, Canimmu, dandelion, and milk thistle. Within two days the hemorrhaging stopped and hasn’t occurred since. That was three years ago.

On September 14, 2006 I had another CT scan. My doctor was very happy as there was no growth in the last nine months. Prior to that, there had been some increase in the size of the tumor. He said I must be doing something right and whatever I was doing, keep doing it.

I have gained seventeen pounds (I had lost thirty) and my hemoglobin is up to 129. I still get tired but I feel really good and can do most things that I did before, just not to the same extent.

I am careful about what I eat and also take some supplements and homeopathics. I am very grateful to Ben for introducing me to the program and for his patience with all my questions. I hope my experience with terminal cancer can help and encourage others who are also trying to fight cancer.

Lynne Roy
Terrace, British Columbia, Canada


Ms. L. R. had a large tumor or growth, which goes back 10 years ago. She went to the Bio Medical Centre in Mexico at that time, and the pain disappeared.

She fainted in August 2003, and it was determined that the tumor had grown very large. She was sent to Vancouver General Hospital where it was determined that she had portal hypertension where the cancer had fused her spleen, stomach, and pancreas together. She had bleeding which has now stopped but her blood count is very low (50).

October 28th, 2003, she came to our store with her husband and two sons. She understood that pancreas cancer is very aggressive and she required whatever she could find to support the fight. After their family meeting she decided to try our protocol which includes detoxifying her body, boosting the immune system, and changing her diet.

March 22nd 2004 she emailed us:


I just wanted to let you know that I got my results from my last cat scan. The tumor hasn't grown any more since my last scan in Vancouver in October. It is starting to form a capsule around itself. My doctor said that this would often happen before they start to regress. This was very good news and wanted to share this with you. I will give you a full report and one that you may want to use in your testimonials but will do this after my next scan which is about 6 months away. However I am feeling much better and everything is positive up to this point.

I have a question for you though. I have noticed that this past month I am losing a lot of hair and it is getting thin in spots. I am wondering what is the cause of this and if there is something I can do to prevent further hair loss. I have started to take about two tablespoons of flax seed oil per day. Do you think this will help? Do you have any further suggestions?

I really appreciate all the help you have given me. As people are seeing the results I am having they are asking questions about the type of treatment I am taking and who I am seeing for the treatment. I am passing your name around. Do not be surprised if you get calls from others in this area.

Take care and thanks for everything.

L. R.
British Columbia


Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas

Jie He, male, 70 years old. He was admitted to Guangzhou City No. 1 People's Hospital, complaining "pain in the neighborhood of stomach". His illness was then diagnosed as "adenocarcinoma of pancreas". Ultrasonic wave examination showed the following: (1) Liver was larger than normal, and the acoustic image was of biliary hepatocirrhosis. (2) The internal and external biliary ducts of liver expanded and the lower section of the common bile duct was blurred. (3) The gallbladder was enlarged and there was cholecystitis. (4) The head of pancreas was enlarged, the echo was low, and space occupying lesion of pancreas could not be ruled out. (Gallbladder: 7.6 x 4.0 cm; head of pancreas: 3.5 cm; body of pancreas: 1.5 cm; tail of pancreas: 1.3 cm; internal echo was low, and the borders were blurred.) No improvement was seen after treatment; on the contrary, the symptoms exacerbated with more uncomfortable feeling, jaundice, pan-fever, "As if entering a volcano", completely loss of appetite, hoarseness, etc. At that time, the wife of the patient brought back CANAID Herbal Tea and YU-CCAN Herbal Tea from Hong Kong. With the thought of giving them a try, the patient started drinking the herbal teas. Surprisingly, after drinking three times, on the next day, the patient wanted to eat. Within three months of drinking the teas, the jaundice disappeared, appetite returned to normal, the face was flushing, the gray hair gradually turned black, the patient was healed and released from hospital.


Intestinal Cancer & Liver

Dequn Yao, female, 51 years old. On April 1, 1994, the patient underwent an "intestinal cancer removal operation" at Nadasu Hospital of Hong Kong. After the operation, the patient was treated with chemotherapy. Without any improvement, the patient still had the following symptoms: asthenia, hyphemia, lassitude, hematochezia. When the patient was re-hospitalized on March 20, 1994, it was found that the tumor had transferred to liver, and an operation was needed. When the patient was hesitating, her younger sister recommended CANAID Herbal Tea and YU-CCAN Herbal Tea to her. Upon drinking the teas, within a couple of days, the following appeared: (1) Secretion from nasal cavity was increased and black bail shaped substances were spitted out; (2) Large amount of black watery feces were defecated, and the spirit and appetite were improved. With the continued use of the teas, the magnetic resonance scan on May 10 found that the two shadows in the liver had disappeared, and the doctor considered that an operation was no longer needed. The patient was required to be re-examined after three months.


Lymph Node Cancer

Shuhua Li, female, 48 years old. The patient was diagnosed to have "lymph node cancer on the left neck" at Sha Tian Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong in September, 1993. In October, the patient underwent a cancer removal operation followed by electrotherapy. Without any improvement, the cancer was found on April 13, 1994 to have transferred to the supraclavicular lymph nodes on the right side of the neck with a size of about 4 cm. With the recommendation of a friend, the patient started drinking Canaid Herbal Tea and Yuccan Herbal Tea on April 22. On June 2 (after drinking the teas for over a month) the enlarged lymph nodes had reduced to 0.5 cm. On June 28, the tumor had disappeared.


Anaphylactic Asthma

Shuqin Li, female, 56 years old. The patient had a long medical history of "anaphylactic asthma" with symptoms of being afraid of cold, sweating, arthralgia. Examinations at Beijing Concord Hospital verified that the patient was allergic to dust and moisture, having tremendous inconvenience in daily life. After drinking CANAID Herbal tea and YU-CCAN Herbal Tea for 18 days, the general health had improved. Although the patient still had asthma, the severity had been reduced, and the pantalgia was alleviated. Three months later, the patient completely recovered, with full vitality, normal appetite, gained bodily weight, and no allergic reaction even walking through refrigeration room.


Lupus Erythematosus & Chronic Nephritis

Nuoting Yang, female, 30 years old. The patient's illness was diagnosed as lupus erythematosus in November, 1985 at the Nan Kui Yong Clinic of Hong Kong. She was treated with hormone, with fluctuating results. Two to three years later, she also contracted another disease: "chronic nephritis", and suffered from anasarca, the side effect of the hormone treatment. Since the diseases were not under control, she was then treated with "anti-cancer injection", without satisfactory effect. The urinary protein level reached above 9.0. In April 1993, she started drinking CANAID Herbal Tea and YU-CCAN Herbal Ta which were recommended by a friend. At the beginning, due to the lack of confidence and insufficient dosage, no effects were observed. Then, the dosage of CANAID was increased, with the hope of a last try. Two months later, the urinary protein level was reduced to 2.0. The doctor's analysis was as follows: Because of the prolonged suffering of chronic nephritis, the kidney might have been damaged. Therefore, the patient's condition should be considered as under control, although the urinary protein level was maintained at 2.0. The patient's vitality and self-feeling were good enough to be considered as having recovered.


Bursitis & Sciatica

January 31, 1995

To whom it may concern...

Dear Sirs:

May I say congratulations to a wonderful line of health products which our family has been using fro just over a year now. I had heard about YU-CCAN Herbal Drinks several years previously but just never quite believed what my relatives claimed they could do. I had suffered for several years from severe bursitis, so bad that I could not raise my arms above my shoulders, or even reach forward to switch radio channels in my car. I quit playing baseball a few years ago, my arms were just too painful. I also had terrible burning in my feet, especially when doing any amount of walking. I was only comfortable wearing running shoes every day. I also have a high-stress job that caused at times much anxiety, and headaches. To make a long story short, we began first of all taking the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink. Within only a few days the pain in my arms had virtually disappeared. Soon after I noticed other symptoms not apparent, i.e. the feet no longer bothered me and my "Monday afternoon headaches" were gone. I find my job now much less stressful, am able to deal with problems more easily. My wife and I also started taking the CANAID Herbal Tea and before long, the sciatica in my leg and back no longer bothered me.

We believe that through awareness of healthier living and by taking your wonderful products that we have improved our health significantly. Thank you for your YU-CCAN and Herbal Drinks.

Alan Bronstein
Kleinburg, Ontario


Head Injury

June 28, 1994

This is a list of changes to my health that have occurred since I began using the CANAID and YU-CCAN Herbal Drinks on September 22, 1993. These changes ha all occurred by the end of December, 1993.

Due to a head injury in 1967 I was left with the sensation of feeling of balance, and with memory problems. This caused a lot of difficulties for me, affecting my perception and confidence, and I felt unsure of myself much of the time. Continuing problems I experienced I assumed were due to the head injury. By the end of 1993 my balance was restored and I have been better able to participate in normal activities without hesitation, and I better relate to other people and myself. For example: typing used to feel awkward and one hand was not as agile as the other, often causing a lot of mistakes and quick tiredness, but now both hands are better coordinated and work together without hesitation and much faster than before detoxifying. I am better able to organize my thoughts and activities; my speech is clear and unslurred, and I express my thoughts more easily than before. Before, I noticed these gradual changes, I experienced, for about two weeks, an aching pain down the right side of my body to my ankle. More could be said, but suffice to say I never felt more normal and confident since before the accident.

A few weeks before beginning the program I had increased my thyroid pill dosage. In October a blood test showed that I needed less thyroid and was able to reduce the dosage by 1/3. When having blood tests previously, it was difficult for the technician to find a vein and he/she often had to poke and probe a few times, much to my discomfort. Tests done from October to present have been easier; the technicians have been able to withdraw blood on the first attempt, and have said I have good veins. Wow! What a relief!!!

Old surgery scars in my head and abdomen have been relieved of pressure, and areas feel normal. Frequent ache in right side of head scar has gone, and I have more flexibility in my abdomen since a 1985 operation.

My circulation has improved; cramping an pains in my upper legs have disappeared. It is easier to lose weight because food is better assimilating. My skin is softer, especially my face, and makeup goes on much better; there is some firming as well in the facial skin. Tightness in chest has gone. Frequent breast tenderness has gone. My green eyes are brighter. My fingernails are stronger and breaking less, and ridges have disappeared. My hair is more lustrous and manageable. There is more moisture in my mouth and food tastes better. I have more energy, and I am more peaceful and calmer than I have been in many years.

Detoxifying has made me more aware of better eating and more exercise in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. My body lets me know when it does not like certain foods (candies and pastries with sugar) by little needle-like sensation in my legs which last for about then minutes. If I do note eat what I should not eat, then there is no reaction.

As I continue a maintenance program, I am aware of more improvements to my overall health, especially in areas where I had attributed problems to my head injury which occurred in 1967.

June Howie
Vancouver, BC



If the Guinness Book of Records carried such a category, I would be the world's greatest skeptic, so when I was told about the merits of YU-CCAN Herbal Drink I privately scoffed. My wife brought some home so I began taking it, within a week, I found I had become a regular guy, but more than that I was able to clinch my fists, a feat that was impossible for me to over the past three years, because of my Arthritis.

Fred Farage
Phoenix, AZ


Migraines & Kidney Problems

To whom it may concern:

I've only been taking YU-CCAN for just a short time. I was glad to find a product that is natural to conquer the suffering I've had for the last few years. I'm 26 years old and have three young children. Due to everyday stress I would get migraines that would last two to three days. I no longer suffer with even a small headache. I've had lots of kidney problems due to all the caffeine I drink.

Now I don't even suffer with that problem. If I don't have to suffer...I'm not going to. Thanks to YU-CCAN for answering my prayers. I am so glad that I took the time to find out about this miracle product.

Bonita Nunhollen
Yuma, Arizona


Yeast Infection

I would like to thank Harold Dunning for introducing me to the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink.

I have had chronic yeast infection for over twenty years. During that time I either had an active yeast infection or I was treating an active yeast infection. This condition is uncomfortable and treatment is expensive. I have been taking the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink for approximately six months. Since I started taking YU-CCAN I have experienced an upsurge in energy and an overall sense of physical well being...but much to my amazement, I believe that the YU-CCAN Drink has actually cured my yeast infection, by eliminating the cause. I have not had a reoccurrence of this condition since I started taking the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink is the answer.

Joan A. Jackson
Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Dry Skin & Arthritis

I would like to say a special thanks to Mavis Fedun who introduced me to the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink. In mid August of 1989, Mavis came to my office with a bottle of YU-CCAN. Mavis knew about my problem with dry skin on my hands, feet, and nails and she though this drink might help.

I was skeptical since in the past three years I had been to practitioners, all to no avail. I had been given several prescriptions, the last which cost 19.00 a tube, and lasted about 5 days. The doctors ha performed a variety of tests-blood-skin-etc., but no one was able to tell me what the problem skin, thick nails, and cracks between my toes were.

After taking YU-CCAN for about 5 days I noticed color returning to my nails. Next I noticed my feet and my hands were no longer splitting and it didn't hurt to walk on my feet or open and close my hands. I found that the arthritis in my hip was gone. I no longer have any pain, I require no high blood pressure pills or any hormone tablets. I am overjoyed with the results.

I was so impressed with the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink that I joined the organization, nothing would make me any happier than to help someone else improve their health and overall well-being like I have enjoyed it.

Dorothy Nickel
Leduc, Alberta


Tumor Cyst & Pancreas

In December of 1986 I had to have major surgery that involved a large tumor cyst on my pancreas, about the size of a large grapefruit. From that time on I had to have major surgery every year for 3 years in a row, this involved installing a mesh in my stomach that the doctors thought would solve the problem, not so. The mesh was not strong enough. From that time on I suffered from muscle healing, indigestion, intestinal twisting, an severe pain. Even though I took these medications I still could not relieve all the pressure and pain. I could not eat some times for 3 or 4 days, being able to only drink water.

In March, 1989, I discovered a product called YU-CCAN. I started in YU-CCAN that Sunday, on Monday bloating was gone, and I started eating a little. Since that time I have not been without my YU-CCAN. I put on an average of 100,000 kilometers a year and wherever I go my YU-CCAN goes with me. Thank you for my YU-CCAN Herbal drinks.

Mr. & Mrs. KLetwin
Calgary, AB




Dear Rick,

Sorry it took so long to get this letter written I have good days and not so good days. I have been fighting tumors for seven years now and it's getting me down. I know I still have to keep on fighting though. I have five beautiful grandchildren that love me very much.

I was forty years old when I was told I only had about two months to live. I know I couldn't let a doctor tell me that and believe it so I started the "big fight" with herbs to build up my immune system. For six years I have been eating herbs and organic foods. On Feb. 28th, 1992 I was introduced to CANAID by a dear friend in Everett, WA.

I started taking the product that day. Within 20 minutes after drinking my first two ounces, all my tumors starting burning. I had hot spots everywhere. I know that it was surely doing some good because my body was on fire. It lasted about 40 minutes and I was so glad when the fire died down.

The next day I took two more ounces of CANAID just to have the same burning all over again. I had a tumor on my left ankle about the size of a plum and one on my breast bone about the size of a baseball. Within one week the tumors started getting smaller. I still have these tumors but the plum is the size of a grape and the baseball is the size of a small egg. I have three other tumors on my bones which give me the most trouble. I have several tumors inside my stomach. I have passed "57" tumors as of today. They are all different sizes and look like Kiwi fruit with long feelers all over them. I just thanks God that He keeps me going.

I continue to drink the products. Some days only 1 oz. Sometimes my stomach hurts to bad to drink any so I skip it that day. I still have a long way to go but I'm sure I can pull through if I keep on the product. Thank you Rick, for sending me the product. Hope this letter helps.

Jane Frederick
Broomfield, CO



May 27th, 1993

In early February of this year (1993) I went through the very painful stage of bursitis in my left shoulder. Bursitis is a condition of both my shoulders that has plagued me for eight years, limiting the mobility of my arms and making it virtually impossible for me to work above my head for longer than a few seconds. Although my shoulder joints respond to anti-inflammatories and recover from the painful stage, which now has occurred 3 times in my left shoulder and twice in my right shoulder, the discomfort and aggravation is always there. Talking about my problem with a friend about mid February I decided to try CANAID. I put no unnecessary stress on my recovering shoulder and faithfully took the CANAID twice daily. My shoulder improved which it does but with a difference. About six weeks after starting the CANAID I began to realize there was begging to be an easiness in my shoulders, both of them, which I'm not sure when it happened but there was a decided difference for the better, a difference that was hard to explain but one that I could feel, a feeling that was giving me hope that my shoulders could improve beyond what I had been experiencing for the past eight years.

On the 27th of April I attended a meeting of friends at the invitation of a sponsor of the herbal products. I was introduced to YU-CCAN and started taking this herbal drink as well as the CANAID, which I had reduced to three times a week. In just two weeks of taking the YU-CCAN I started to notice a decided easiness in my shoulders. Now a month later I am able to raise both my arms above my head and put my arms in a crossed position behind my neck. My right shoulder has no catches or real sore or stiff areas when raised above my head which is just excellent. My left arm and shoulder still give off twinges when twisted or raised but the fact remains that I can get my arm into these positions and sustain the position and I could not imagine being able to do this with my arm or arms ever again. They say seeing is believing and honestly, something has made a terrific difference to the condition of my shoulders and the only thing different that I have done is try the CANAID and the YU-CCAN. I am sold on the benefits at this point and if I can stave off the use of cortisone and surgery on my shoulders then I will be completely sold. I'm definitely thankful for finding out about these products and for having given them a try.

Yours sincerely,
Janet Boley
Coombs, BC


Colon Cancer

To YU-CCAN Corporation:

In June, 1991, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctors operated, removed a 4 pound tumor and 8 inches of the colon. They said "don't worry, we got it all"...

In September, 1993, I was back on the same table. The doctors removed 12 inches of the colon. After the operation, they informed be the cancer had spread thru the lymph nodes and I had 1 year to live, unless I take 1 year of Chemotherapy and Radiation.

I had heard how this destroys the good cells along with the bad. I refuse to pay to have my body destroyed. My wife had heard about CANAID. We found thru our local Health Food Store a bottle of CANAID. After 3 months I started taking the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink with this.

In January, 1995, they opened me up to remove scar tissue. They found no tract of the cancer.

As of August, 1997, I am still cancer free and feel young. Thank you YU-CCAN for a proven wonderful product.

Don Stomm
Sun City, Arizona



For over 3 years I was having problems with arthritis in both knees and lower back, prescriptions did not help, then a friend told me about CANAID and where I cold purchase some.

I have now been taking CANAID for 10 weeks, my knees are not giving me problems now, and I can go for long walks, my back is also very much improved. I am 72 years old and feeling great, and no longer taking any prescriptions.

D. Smith



One year after taking YU-CCAN Herbal Drink, I just can't believe how good I feel. After 26 years of pain, if anyone had told me I would feel this good again, I wouldn't have believed it. Even my hair has quit falling out! Anyone can call me anytime.

Les Johnson
Spokane, Wash.


White Blood & Asthma

Harry is improving in leaps and bounds, it's really amazing. Not only is his white blood count improved he is using very little asthma medication and sleeps through the night. So something good is happening. New he says, if it only grows hair.

Thank you,
Madeleine Miller


Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Enlarged Liver, & Gout

They said I didn't have long to live. I had congestive heart failure, diabetes, enlarged liver, and gout. I took the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and the CANAID Herbal Tea. I'm now off all medication and my heart had stabilized. This is the best I've felt in forty years. I tell everyone about these products. They're great!!!

Pat Boerner
North Pole, AR



Heather...For the past ten days after starting using YU-CCAN products I have noticed a remarkable difference in the way I feel, I have had increased energy, have slept better than I have in years and feel and overall sense of well being. Thanks for introducing me to YU-CCAN Herbal Products. In only two months, my 8 year old ulcer is a thing of the past.

Chris Haidle
Spokane, WA




Dear Sir:

I am using the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink. I got it from a friend in Billings, Montana several years ago. I thought it helped me a lot. Then some one told me herbs were dangerous to take, so I quit taking it, but kept it in the refrigerator. (10 years or so).

I decided to take it again and it sure does help me, taking the swelling out of my hands, also other things, it seems to help. I have a little left.

Please send me a quart. I am nearly 83 years old (in August). I am still in my home, have been alone for 16 years. We had 6 children, all married and gone, but 3 still live here. I feel very lucky to be as good as I am. I still drive the car. Please send as soon as possible so I don't run out. I'll send a check in return mail.

Thank you kindly,

Mrs. Mabel I. Jones
Sidney, MT

P.S. I don't drink, smoke, or gamble, so my checks have always been good.


Cancer in the Air Passage, Lungs, & Pneumonia

January 10, 1996

Dear YU-CCAN Staff,

On November 25, 1995 you forwarded a case of CANAID to Mark Makar in Sparwood, B.C. The case had been ordered for this neighbour, Ted, who was very ill with cancer in the air passage going into lungs and also with pneumonia. I personally believe that the doctors had given up hope. The neighbour is a native Indian who lives a quiet life in Sparwood. His appearance was ashen and he had no energy and was accepting of what his doctors told him. Mark gave him the case of CANAID with instructions to start at 9 oz. a day, in three equal doses, the last before going to bed. Ted carefully followed the instructions. He also took a very good colon cleanse that is being made here in Vancouver. Along with the CANAID he took pychnogenol tablets. After two to three weeks the colour returned to his face and his hopes began to rise.

On January 2nd he had a doctor's appointment in Calgary which was to make a decision about treatment, such as radiation. After a range of tests, including CT scan and x-rays, the doctor was unable to detect anything and reran the tests, eventually finding one tiny little dark spot. The doctor couldn't believe these test results and wanted to know what Ted had done. Ted said that he had taken the penicillin for the pneumonia. The Doctor said that doesn't cure cancer, and that he must have done something else. Ted said that a friend had given him some Herbal Tea and the doctor felt that was what had caused this lack of symptoms.

On this second case which I am ordering today, I have suggested that he drops to 6 ounces in equal doses for two bottles, then down to three ounces a day in three equal doses. I think that should be about correct. Any comments?

Many thanks,
Adrien Carlsen


Fibromyalgia, Ulcers, Migraine, & Epstein Barr

I suffered from fibromyalgia for 14 years. I had chronic muscle pain and leg pain to the extent that I was unable to walk more than 1/4 of a block without stopping to catch my breath. My back pain was almost unbearable. If I ever bumped into anything, I would suffer for weeks. I could not be touched for fear of pain. Any kind of trauma would leave me incapacitated for days. I had nausea and suffered from ulcers. My weight was down to 90 lbs.

My sleep patterns were inconsistent. Every morning I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I also suffered from migraine headaches that would leave me bedridden for 7-10 days. The last two years of this time I was also diagnosed with Epstein Barr. I wasn't loving life one bit. In fact, I felt as if I had no life!

I started taking the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and CANAID Herbal Tea in January of 1995. Within 4 months I was off all medications, which consisted of pain medication, muscle relaxers and antidepressants, and totally out of pain, gaining weight and feeling health again.

Today, I am leading a full life and loving every minute. I owe this all to the wonderful YU-CCAN Products and Doug Widdifield, who introduced me to them.

Mikki Kutulas


Bursitis, Back Pain, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, & Cancerous Tumor on Prostate

To whom it may concern:

25th May, 1995 In April of 1985 I was having difficulty with my left shoulder where the arm bone fits into the shoulder and it was determined by the Doctor that it was bursitis, it gave me considerable pain and every so often the Doctor would give me a Cortisone shot. At this time I was given a small package of Yucca powder which was used to give to animals for various ailments, such as arthritis and coronary problems. I was told only to take as much as would cover my thumb nail. This made fast work of the bursitis and it has not returned since.

In 1989 I had been experiencing problems with back pain to the point where I was sliding out of bed on my knees each morning and I felt it was arthritis, also from 1969 to this date a period of 20 years I had high blood pressure and was taking Capitan prescribed by my Doctor. In 1989 when YU-CCAN first came on the market I started to take it and one day Dr. Hildibrand, said "Dave there is a definite change in your blood pressure, what are you doing?" I told him that I was taking YU-CCAN, he asked what was in it and I told him really it was Yucca. He then said to stop taking Capitan and report to him every three days for blood tests. Dr. Hildibrand, after monitoring this for some weeks, he reported my blood pressure normal for my age and while I still have regular blood pressure tests I have not taken any pills to this date, also the pain left my back and has never returned. I am 76 years old and I attend Fitness World for exercises three times a week and there is not a pain in my body from head to foot, neither do I experience, colds, headaches, etc. I take CANAID and YU-CCAN Herbal Drink each day and I feel great.

In Feb. 1993 I had the privilege of going to South Korea to talk with Doctors at the University of Tai-Jon, S. Korea. I asked Dr. Hildibrand to please give me my medical records while enroute to Korea on the plane, I learned that what I was experiencing in my back was osteoporosis and not arthritis as I had expected. The records showed that in 1991 I was sent to the Cancer Clinic in Victoria with a large cancerous tumor on my Prostate which was too large to be handled with the radiation machine. I told the Doctor that when I came back I would not have a tumor, ...he more or less suggested that I was nuts, ...however when I returned to the clinic on Jan. 10th 1992, the tumor had disappeared with no help from the radiation Oncologist Dr. Ludgate. He had no way of explaining this and seemed very shocked at the results as I had no radiation treatments whatever just CANAID and YU-CCAN Herbal drinks.

Incidentally, the Hospital in Tai-Jon started using these two products the ay after our talk with their specialists.

I can't say enough about these two products, as I believe I owe my life to them. Gratefully and Sincerely

D.C. Widdifield
New Westminster, BC


Ovarian Cancer, gone into the Blood Stream, Pelvic, & Lower Abdomen

March 8, 1993

I was operated on for a complete hysterectomy Aug. 1988. It was Ovarian Cancer (a tumor the size of a cantaloupe) was removed. But Doctors felt the cancer had gone into the blood stream as it was attached to the bowel and other organs. I started Chemotherapy Sept, 1988. At the end of 8 monthly treatments of (Sisplaten and Carboplaten). I was told they could do nothing more for me. In 1989, in July I had a second Oncologist examine me and she said she could do something for me and in Nov. 1989 I had a tumor in my pelvic region. I had 3 treatments of carboplaten and the tumor disappeared but my Kidney had been damaged from the toxins in the Chemotherapy and I could not take any more Chemo. Another tumor appeared in my lower abdomen and I was told they could do nothing and to "live" with my cancer. In June, 1992 I got the product called CANAID from Karl Letourneau and in September of 1992 started on the YU-CCAN.

In January, 1993, I had an examination (my tumor had not grown). They did blood work at the Jubilee Hospital. One week later my Oncologist called to say my Kidney was healed and my Cancer Marker was below the latest test by 800 points (it had been 4000 and was now 3200). According to my Doctors my kidney could not be healed. My energy and well-being returned near the end of November, 1992. Today, I feel wonderful. I have lots of energy and believe my good health is due to the CANAID and YU-CCAN!

Enid Gillis
Qualicum Beach, BC


Migraines, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis

November 13, 1990

To whom it may concern:

I had the opportunity to try YU-CCAN Herbal Drink. While I was skeptical, it was in fact "a God Send". If helped my migraines, my bad blood pressure, and controlling my diabetes. I also have arthritis in my left elbow from an old army injury. I have not had any pain in that elbow since I started taking YU-CCAN. Also the mobility ratio in my elbow has increased from 75% to 100%. It also gives me an unbelievable boost in energy.

My wife has a high pressure job - the stock market; she says YU-CCAN gets her through her day like a breeze. She says she enjoys feeling energetic all the time. But all these things above is "just a bonus" of YU-CCAN.

I tried YU-CCAN for what it is, a body systems cleanser. If you ask any Doctor, he will tell you that a clean system is a healthy system. He will also tell you that if you can get all the toxicants out of your colon that you will live a very long life. I can't tell you how much better I feel, but I will tell you this much,...if ever you get approached on this "miracle" here, for God's sake and yours, TRY IT!!!

Bill Gallant
Calgary, AB


Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Arthritic Pain & Swelling

Amazing Turnabout

My name is June Hunt and this is my medical background and history.

In 1973 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and spent one and one half years confined to a wheelchair. I gradually went into a remission and regained some of my functions. I was able to leave the chair but retained many MS symptoms. In 1979 I had another severe attack and was bed ridden for a year. This was followed by another remission for a time. Each remission was less complete than the one before, with more and more permanent damage showing itself. At around this time the doctors began treating me with steroids with little or no success. The side effects were worse than the MS.

I was soon taking up to seventeen prescription drugs a day and two M.R.I. scans had confirmed continuing progression of the disease. I was subsequently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus and could not even go out into the sun. My balance was so poor that I could walk only when supported and a 200 yard walk left me completely exhausted.

It was at this point when I became acquainted with YU-CCAN and CANAID. Within four days there was noticeable decrease in Arthritic pain and swelling. My sleep patterns started to change so that I was less dependent on pain killers and sleep inducers. Within weeks I had withdrawn myself from all but two of my prescription drugs and was almost free of pain and dizziness. I was able to walk freely again up to 4 miles per day and I can tolerate sunshine again. The swelling, pain, and crippling of my joints is leaving more and more every day! There can be no doubt in my mind that the YU-CCAN and CANAID are responsible fro this reversal and many medical practitioners shake their heads in amazement at my complete turnabout. Many of them had told me that there was nothing more they could do for me medically and I had to accept the inevitable.

June Hunt


Arthritis in Hands and Elbow

February 22, 1995

Dear Sirs:

I would like to tell you how thankful I am for wonderful health product. Until a couple of years ago, I had severe arthritis in my hands and right elbow. When I woke up in the morning I couldn't close my hands, especially the right one, as they were so stiff and swollen.

My friend advised me to just try taking the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and having tried everything else, unsuccessfully, I agreed. Within only three weeks the swelling was already completely gone. I now have absolutely no stiffness. I went for a short vacation to Mexico and forgot to take my YU-CCAN Herbal Drink. The symptoms once again returned and I immediately began taking the product again on my arrival home. Within the week the symptoms again disappeared.

I hope to continue to take these products. By the way, I am convinced, also it has curtailed my anxieties and nervousness as well. Thank you.

Catalina Krolow
King City, Ontario Canada



May 10, 1996

To whom it may concern:

I have been using the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and CANAID Herbal Tea products for one year after being diagnosed with cancer. I believe both products were instrumental in reducing or minimizing the effects of chemotherapy and contributed to my current cancer free diagnosis.

The YU-CCAN Herbal Drink cleaned the toxin's from the intestinal track improving regularity and digestion. The CANAID Herbal Tea increased my energy levels and overall well-being prior to chemotherapy. Throughout both chemotherapy and radiation treatment the use of CANAID Herbal Tea has resulted in very minor hair loss and eliminated any feeling of nausea and vomiting, normally experienced during chemotherapy.

Throughout my treatment I have experienced minimal bacterial or viral infections which you are susceptible to during cancer treatment.

There is no doubt in my mind that the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and the CANAID Herbal Tea have helped me throughout a very difficult physical trauma by minimizing the many effects and changes my physical health went through. Knowing that China uses these herbal remedies as a cancer cure, has strengthened me both physically and psychologically against the fight I have with cancer.

I encourage everyone to use these natural herbal products to improve your overall well-being.

Sincerely yours,
Sandy Thrower
Sherwood Park, AB


Consistent Low Blood Pressure, Peptic and Duodenal ulcers, Poor Digestion, & Chronic Constipation

July 25, 1995

To Whom It May Concern:

In October, 1993, I began using the YU-CCAN Health Products.

I had experienced a number of health problems from my teen age years. Consistent low blood pressure, peptic and duodenal ulcers, poor digestion, and chronic constipation.

In the last ten years, I had developed severe migraine headaches and would often faint with hours of vomiting and diarrhea following. My Doctors gave me every conceivable test, but could not determine exactly why I had these attacks. Potent drugs were the only answer.

I decided I wanted to find a natural way to help myself and after much research was introduced to these products by a friend.

All of these conditions have been greatly improved as a result.

My husband, daughter, brother, and friends have collectively found relief from arthritis, hemorrhoids, acne, allergies, yeast infections, asthma, colitis, lowered cholesterol and lowered blood pressure, and cancer.

Interestingly, all of us now register a normal blood pressure range. I am now a distributor and will continue to inform others of the benefits of these fine products.

Eileen Hammill
Dolton, Ontario Canada



December 28, 1995

Dear Sirs:

I have been using the product, namely, YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and CANAID, and am pleased to report a significant change in my condition namely arthritis in my knees-which is not completely eliminated but much, much improved.

I do not think I will have to go for surgery to replace the knees as I was expected to have to the surgery done.

Thank you, I remain yours sincerely
Harold E. Cresona



To whom it may concern:

I have been a YU-CCAN user for the past six months. I would like to tell you what this "Miracle Product" has done for me! I had gone to my family doctor for my yearly check up and was told I was anemic and to come back for a further blood exam in two weeks. During those two weeks I faithfully took my YU-CCAN twice a day. When I returned to the doctor, the results showed my blood to be normal. No medication was necessary. I know that this is just one example of what the regular use of YU-CCAN can do to alleviate a multitude of physical problems.

Audrey Simons
Edmonton, Alberta


Various Problem

Charlotte...When my mother first decided to take the CANAID my husband and I were very skeptical about it. We therefore thought it incumbent upon us to take it as well. THANK GOD. For many years I have been challenged with one health problem after another, each compounding the other. You actually learn to live with these aches and pains and disabilities because there does not seem to be any alternative. WRONG!

My husband's general health has improved considerably, water retention problem gone. Within two days after starting the CANAID and YU-CCAN my own health started to improved at such a rate that we could not quite grasp the significance of it all. The list is long and rather incredible but as it may help someone else out there to know what could and may happen for them when their immune system gets a boost I am prepared to appear impossible.

The miracles for me are as follows, not necessarily in order of importance but as close as can be recalled as they were discovered or as they turned up missing:

- Almost all join pain and stiffness gone.
- Pains from varicose veins in legs gone.
- Water retention reduced.
- Stress level down.
- Energy level up.
- Blood pressure down.
- Bursitis in shoulders (can lift arms overhead - first time in 14 years).
- Skin blemishes cleared up.
- Kidney and bladder function improved (have one kidney).
- Pain in liver area gone.
- Extreme tenderness in chest and breast gone.
- Vision improved.
- Hearing improved.
- Memory improved (not all good).
- Hiatal hernia symptoms gone.
- Weight down.
- Complexion lightened as 20 years ago.



David...Today I have been examined by Dr. Charles M. Ludgate, M.D. Radiation Oncologist at Victoria Cancer Clinic. He started there is no longer a malignant tumor on my prostate gland, that it has disappeared completely. His words were, "you had a tumor?". I said, "but what about now, Doc?" He stated then that it was no longer there.

It all started last April of 1991, when my wife Dorothy had an operation which was to have removed more of her bowel which was infected by cancer. Mr. McKay called me somewhere around two a.m. in the morning, as it was a late night operation, to inform me that he had very sad news. The cancer was all through her lower abdomen down into her pelvis and that there was nothing he could do. He had sewed her back up and stated that she should be told her condition. He also stated that he did not recommend chemotherapy as this would just make her more miserable and would do nothing toward curing her.

The family, and myself, of course, were extremely concerned and we wanted to know how long we would have Dorothy with us. Dr. McCaw, her personal physician, told me that Dorothy would not live past early fall of 1991.

Upon notifying all Dorothy's relatives and mine, I had an immediate call from my brother-in-law in Ontario, James Gooley, who stated he was sending some herbal medicine, which was a combination of four herbs. This had been successfully used in the Ontario area also on himself eight years earlier. His cancer tumor had disappeared within six months and no sign of their return. I immediately started giving Dorothy these herbs twice a day and while she can not claim to be cured, she is still with us and we carry on a normal life style.

Update: Dorothy lived almost 2 years of quality living. We got to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary before her passing.

David Widdifield.



First of all my trade is that of a construction boilermaker, working on industrial furnaces in pulp mills, oil refineries, all of which were insulated with asbestos at one time.

In the fall of 1998, I was working on a dam project in Stave Lake. While I was there, I started to feel sluggish and while climbing stairs, became short of breath, taking up to five minutes to get my breath back.

I went to my physician, who in turn sent me to get my lung x-rayed. The x-ray showed pleural infusion. The specialist taped my lung and removed 3 1/2 liters of fluid.

Something definitely was very wrong.

A broncscopy inside the lung proved negative. Next on the menu, on February 22, 1999, was a throascopy, where they go between the ribs with a camera to take a biopsy. Testing showed Mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Needless to say, when informed of this diagnosis, my family and myself were taken aback. But what was to come was a real shocker.

The Oncologist informed me that there is no known cure for malignant mesotheloma. He said, "go home, do your paperwork, get your things in order - you have 3 to 6 months to live."

WOW! Talk about getting hit by a Mack Truck. After getting out of hospital I had three choices: 1). Chemotherapy, 2). Radiation, 3). Radical surgery.

None of the above was suitable to me because of the quality of life after such treatments. Once news of my condition reached my friends, and friends of friends, everything started to come together. It was obvious that the road to take was herbs, vitamins, and proper diet. Within a week, I was taking Essiac Tea. What a history this herb tea has. Next, low and behold, a friend told me about Oncolyn, which he was using for prostrate cancer. This took me to a vitamin and nutrition store in Vancouver, B.C. "Save-On Nutrition Centre".

I got all the information and purchased the Oncolyn and started taking 6 tablets for a week and then 3 tablets 3 times a day with my Essiac Tea. Another friend's fiance' uses and sells Usana products, which is vitamin regiments. Through my research, the immune system was constantly mentioned as the key in fighting cancer. Building the immune system aids you in your fight.

Throughout this time, I used visualization, which is mentioned later. I visualized little angels pouring acid over my tumors. Week later, I went to purchase more Oncolyn and told Ben Liu, the owner, what I had been feeling - there is something happening. He said that it's the Oncolyn. I said, "let's hope so".

During my road to recovery, which at this time, was not known, I have talked to many people via conference calls, which Sandy in Montreal organized. It's unbelievable the remarkable stories people have to tell about their use of Oncolyn and what a dramatic turn in their medical condition occurred. We're talking breast, lung, prostrate, colon, brain tumors, and the sort. All forms of cancer being held at bay or in many cases totally eliminated.

Literature books, etc., give you an inside look at what people have done and what you can do to help yourself. E.g. "Love, Medicine, & Miracles", a book by Dr. Bernie Siegal. A must read. It is an inside look at patients and their stories, which include prayer, visualization, which all, play in important part of your path to healing.

At this point, I am totally convinced the course I was taking was the way to go and more was to come.

On march 29, 1999 I traveled to Bremerton, Washington to see if I qualified for the clinical trial for malignant mesothelioma. After all tests, I was accepted.

Meanwhile, I was taking my Essiac Tea, Oncolyn, and vitamins. On April 23, 1999, I started treatment, which was called oncanese. The treatment was like chemotherapy and is derived from the embryo of the leopard frog.

On June 27, 1999, nine weeks later a cat scan revealed no tumor sat all. Gone! Some scaring of calcium plaque but no tumors.

How amazing and unbelievable! So much for the oncologist's prediction. I've met Dr. Djang many times over the past year and a half and have become good friends. We talk on the phone occasionally and get together when his busy schedule allows him to.

Enough cannot be said of the time, dedication and determination on the doctor's behalf to help people with all types of cancers.

I am convinced beyond any doubtful; Oncolyn is a major contributing factor in eradiating mesothelioma from my lungs. The Oncanese has proved in the lab of killing mesothelioma cells; I think this was the icing on the cake. It is now October 2000 and I am still taking my Oncolyn, Essiac Tea, and my regiment of vitamins and have no intention of stopping my regiment, which at this point, has worked so well for me.

To those out there, keep fighting the fight, keep a positive attitude, do everything in your power to give your body the necessary firepower so that your immune system operates at peak efficiency.

Again, thanks to Dr. DJang for his tireless work and thanks to Oncolyn.
Good Health to all.
P. Douglas. 44, M, boilermaker, 10, 2000

This past Saturday, February 22, 03 was my 4th anniversary of sorts!! Not with-standing a few bumps on the road along the way, medical opinions out of the spectrum things are going really well, I feel good, not without the odd aches and pain one has to endure!! which in turn gets the mind process out of kilter, it's never to far away those thoughts tend to creep in once and awhile!!

When I was first diagnosed in 1999 I said to my wife I guess I'm "toast" I had forgotten I'd said that as she reminded me. Well, were still kicking up a storm so to speak!! Backin the first few days after getting out of hospital, I was gathering information as to how to begin the battle I was facing, I said to myself I've got to stop this disease in it's tracks, there's still a few loose ends to tie up here, so I set a few goals 1 being my daughter's graduation, this June it's happening not only do I get to see this I've also watched my daughter grow into a beautiful, caring and loving young adult, 2nd I said to myself what about my 50th birthday, that's down the road but definitly within reach!! It's funny sometimes, people seem to have forgotten about that day 4 years ago but that will never be lost in my mind, the fight continues, every day one must do the things that have helped me sustain my health, my vitamin regiment, the herbal tea, oncolyn and the clinical trail of onconase, which I owe to this Web-site, that test trial was the last piece of the puzzle that seemingly put me over the top??

Every day is a new day, what lies ahead only God knows I must say to all meso victims never give up hope, enjoy your families life is so precious, it feels good to wake up and greet the day and string those days into weeks, months and years as I've been so fortunate to do!! It's crispy cold today, fresh snow on the mountains. I am going to take Eddie to the dyke and enjoy the fresh air!!

P. D., 48, An Update -- 2/26/03


Kidney Cancer, Lymphoma

I recently had one of my kidneys removed due to cancer. It then spread to my lymph nodes and the prognosis was not good. Eventually the cancer spread to my throat with a big lump. I refused to take chemo, but did take radiation. The doctor did tell me that the radiation would damage part of the lung. Having that in mind, I was still hoping that they could get rid of the lump. I thought that I could still have the other part of my lung to support my breath. However, my lung was damaged badly after radiation, and the lump did not go down. They could not do any further on me. They sent me home and told me that I only had about two months to live.

One of my best friends told me about a Health Food store in Vancouver, and strongly recommended me to go there right away. The store manager, Ben, explained to me an eight-week herbal program very carefully. He also suggested me temporarily forget about my only 2-month of life and just concentrate on his eight-week program.

I felt that with the help of herbs that I took my healing was nothing short of miracle.

Two months later, upon my check-up in Seattle, the doctors were astounded. The doctors told me that the lump on my neck and my stomach tumors were all gone. I went to see Ben that evening, he noticed and said: "Wonderful! Your neck is flattened.!" I embraced him with my cheerful tears, and described the reactions of my doctors.

I feel the herbs - Canaid, Yu-ccan herbal tea, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, and Oncolyn have healed me. I continue to feel good and take them faithfully. I am grateful to Ben, the owner of Save-On Nutrition Centre. Without those herbs, I would have gone long time ago!

K. Robinson, M 65, Burnaby, B.C, 10/27/2000.


Bloated, Hand & Feet Hurt


Up to three months ago, I had trouble getting out of bed every morning. I was bloated, my hand and feet hurt, no matter what medicine I used. There was no cure.

Then I was told about YU-CCAN Herbal Drink by a friend. I tried it and could not believe the results almost overnight. I felt like a new person, my pain stopped and the bloating went away. Also I began to notice that other minor problems I had for years disappeared.

I am very happy to have used YU-CCAN Herbal products and am also recommending it for my friends.

Emma S. McMackin



December 4, 1992

My name is Reg White and I was diagnosed with terminal Leukemia in November, 1991. In early Oct. 1992 I started taking CANAID (3 oz. twice a day). Since taking CANAID my blood count has increased from 95 to 127. I feel so much better in many ways. I have a lot more energy, and am able to do things I haven't done for a year.

My appetite has also improved. I would certainly recommend CANAID to anyone who has cancer.

Reg White


Arthritic in Horse

To Whom It May Concern:

In October of 1993, I began giving IMPROVE Livestock Formulation to my, then 22 year old horse. A previous ankle injury and being diagnosed as being arthritic in his hocks, had left my equine friend with swelling, inflammation, and stiffness in his hindquarters.

Immediately, we began to notice a decrease in fluid build-up in his lower legs. There was a decrease in creaking of his joints. His bowel movements became much more regular which is best for an older horse. Another pleasant side effect, a decrease in the ammonia smell of his urine.

These discoveries amazed me. I'd been to a seminar on the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink, so I was aware of the effect that yucca has on arthritis in humans. On an impulse, I tried IMPROVE and was then, and still am now, very pleased with how this product has helped my aging friend. Every morning, Shane receives his IMPROVE in his breakfast. At 23, I ride him 5 days a week.

Patty Atkinson


Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Ovarian Cancer, Abdomen

October 16, 1993

Dear Mr. Dunning:

I apologize for being so late with this experience. Please call if you need any further information and I will try to provide it for you on the phone.

Only one year after my seven year old son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, I myself was told I had a rare form of ovarian cancer. Surgery was performed, however the cancer had already spread through the abdomen. Although chemo was recommended, I was told this form of cancer did not respond well to chemotherapy, therefore I chose to take the natural route. Many herbs and vitamins were introduced into my diet, including a herbal drink called CANAID. After drinking this formula for only a few weeks, I noticed many changes taking place with my health. The swelling in my abdomen began to decrease, my energy began to increase. I noticed color in my skin and a shine in my eyes that I had not noticed for many years previous. Today my son and I both drink CANAID, and are enjoying excellent health. Thank you YU-CCAN.

Penny Kowitch
Winnipeg, Mb.


Kidney Cancer, Lungs - Carchinoma

July 5, 1993

Dear Sirs:

I am writting in regards to a Herbal Drink called "CANAID". I would like to relate a story of my husband's experiences and request some help from you. In October of 1991, my husband collapsed at home. He was sick in no way, so I rushed him to Battleford Hospital where in turn they transferred him to Saskatoon St. Paul's Hospital. Dr. Estey informed him he had cancer of the Kidney (right). Dr. Estey would perform the surgery to remove the cancer and kidney. Dr. McFadden also was called on to tell him he had cancer of both lungs - carcinoma - moved from the kidney to the lungs. The main concern at the time was to remove the kidney, which was done Oct. 8, 1991.

Dr. McFadden - lung specialist, took a wedge of his lung on Dec. 2. Since there were 7 (seven) small growths - scattered throughout both lungs - the large one-size of a aspirin was removed. They confirmed it was a secondary cancer from the kidney and informed me there was no cure of any kind and no treatment they would be giving him.

Since then he has been going every 3 months for check-ups. On May 27, 1993 he went for a check-up and one growth was about the size of a small adult fingernail. Now Mayo Clinic in Rochester is experimenting on a new drug. He consented to be their ninth experimental case. On June 9, he was to begin the experiment. He showed up on June 9 to begin the experiment but then things changed.

After x-raying him and checking over the doctors had found that the cancer (the large growth) had practically disappeared. They had no explanation for why the cancer shrunk.

They questioned us considerably on the things my husband did. The only thing that he had done different is that in the beginning of March he heard of CANAID and had been drinking the drink twice a day - 2 ounces morning and 2 ounces evening. He took CANAID till May 27 when he ran out.

I would like to know if you have any other information on CANAID and cancer. We are trying to figure if CANAID helped. We didn't tell the Doctor's about CANAID.

Please send me the above information as soon as possible. My husband has another appointment of July 26 at the Cancer clinic in Saskatoon. he would like to start on CANAID again as soon as possible.

Douglas and Mary Graham


C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

To Whom it may Concern:

I would like to share my experience about YU-CCAN and CANAID. I've had C.O.P.D. for 16 years and have been on Prednisone (steroid) for approximately 15 years. I've been able to reduce my dosage to 5 mg. every other day.

I was on 30 mg. of blood pressure medicine daily and now take none as my blood pressure ranges from 144/74 to 125/82. My oxygen readings six weeks apart were 96 and 95. I can now walk a mile at a fast pace without getting out of breath. I would be happy to talk to anyone about my success with these products.

Tom Merrill
Westport, Wa. 98595


Back Pain

"After only 6 weeks, I noticed that the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and the CANAID Herbal Tea helped my back pain which was very severe. Also, my varicose veins in my legs don't bother me much any more".

Jackle Landamzo
Flagstaff, Az.


Bladder Cancer

"I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. They wanted $15,000! I heard about YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and CANAID Herbal Tea. These were to become my "gift" from God. In only 10 days my pain and bleeding stopped. Now my doctor has given me a clean bill of health. Thank you so very much!"

Alvin Lowe
Manitoba, Canada


Psoriasis on Face and Scalp, Headaches

"My husband and I use both the YU-CCAN Herbal Drink an the Herbal Tea every day. Cortisone creams never helped the psoriasis on Jan's face and scalp which caused severe dandruff as well. Now his complexion is healthy and he has no dandruff at all. For myself, I no longer have menstrual cramps or PMS. A persistent problem of dark bristly hairs on my chin has disappeared and headaches are no longer a problem. we are thrilled with results and are excited to share these life-changing products with others".

Jan & Ardelle Elgersma
Abbotsford, B.C.



"I am very pleased with YU-CCAN Herbal Drink. My condition was colitis which included swelling and diarrhea. These started subsiding almost immediately upon using this product. I feel that YU-CCAN did indeed affect the healing process when the prescriptions were unable to".

Jesse Clain
Libby, Montana


Hip Repaired, Biopsy

January and February of 1992, I spent time in hospitals having a hip repaired, a biopsy, and a hysterectomy. That Summer I visited my friend. Thelma Hogg, In Moose Jaw, Sask., who insisted I must take CANAID and YU-CCAN Herbal Drink to make certain I would continue to be in good health. I read the literature and I was impressed but not convinced. Therefore, Thelma had Stan Mironuck and Jeffery Holt in Regina both visit me, who persuaded me to try both products. In May, 1995, I decided to take up swimming again and I joined the Crystal Silver Streaks Swim Team, Also, the Women Only Fitness Studio in Victoria. Result: I entered four of the over 80 swim events at the BC Seniors Olympics 1995 at Oilver, BC and won four gold medals.

I give credit to using CANAID and YU-CCAN Herbal Drink.

Submitted by Beth King


Abdominal Swelling and Pain

"Two days after I began taking YU-CCAN Herbal Drink, my bowel movements became regular. Before that, they were infrequent and I had abdominal swelling and pain. The swelling and pain is gone!"

Nancy Paul
Edmonton, Alberta


Colon Cancer

"I had a colonscopy and radiation after I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My wife heard about YU-CCAN Herbal Drink and the CANAID Herbal Tea, so we tried them. After only 3 weeks, I gained weight and felt stronger. My doctor said "looks like your immune system is responding because the cancer has stopped growing". That was all I needed to hear!"

Robert Holmes.
Olympia, Wa.


"I have been using these products for about 5 months. I had tumours along my spine for 14 years. They are getting smaller. These products are dissolving them."

Jacqueline Drahan


Dear Dr. DJang:

We can't begin to tell you how graciously indebted we are to you for the development of your product called Longevity Crystals. We have experienced in our life, by taking these crystals, a definite lower cholesterol count, definite lower triglyceride count and the reversal of aging, as well as an overall well-being.

My husband and I have experienced physical stamina, soundness of body, mental alertness and we also have a clean bill of health. On your product, we feel an energy-giving, fresh, pure, clean and rejuvenated feeling. We have also experienced the feeling of youthfulness, we feel free of disease, well-nourished and purified. There can be no controversy as to how pure your product is for the results show that and we feel that it is probably the most potent antioxidant we have ever used.

We have a heartfelt admiration for the wonderful research and accomplishments that you, Dr. DJang, have achieved.

To you with best regards,

Carl H. Malta
Banker and Insurance Executive
LouAnn Malta
President, Red Rock Drilling, Inc.


Dear Dr. DJang

I am writing to tell you that the Longevity Crystals have made a significant difference in my life.

Since taking the crystals I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin texture, and feelings of depression and loss of concentration have been alleviated. My energy level has greatly improved and I feel better able to cope with stressful situation as they arise.

Over all I have a feeling of well-being and increased confidence that has been lacking for some time.

I feel better than I have felt in years thanks to you.


Debbie Cliffe
Agassiz, B.C., V0M 1A0


To the President of Sante International

Re: Longevity Crystal

I am a 36 year-old female who since my early twenties have tried many different health or natural products in an attempt to improve my overall health over the years. Since having a child a few years ago I have not tried any of the newest health crazes, believing that just a basically healthy balanced diet is the best medicine, and that there are no "miracle pills". However since reaching "middle-age" I have become increasingly conscious about preventing any possible health problems. So it was with great curiosity and I certain amount of skepticism that I began taking Longevity Crystal (LC) in February 1995. Prior to taking the herbal pill I was not informed of any of its specific functions other than it was good for one's health, and that it had no negative side reactions. After ingesting the tablet for a few days I began to immediately notice some health benefits that I believe can only attributed to Longevity Crystal. Having taken it for almost one year I feel that I do not ever want to stop taking it, and would like to share with you my personal experience.

After a couple days of taking three tablets a day, I noticed a marked increase in my energy level. I became very interested in getting a lot of things that I had neglected doing for months done. The energy level I experienced was not a nervous fidgety energy or short lived "rush" experienced from diet pills (in my early twenties I experienced using for this type of medically prescribed drug for weight loss purposes for a short period of time, however I soon stopped because I found the false sense of euphoria, and nervous anxiety they caused to discomforting), or caffeine or slimming teas. In addition to this increased energy level, I was in a happier mood; laughing more, looking at things more positively¡Kjust I greater sense of well-being. I have regained a youthful vitality. This was the immediate result. If I had no other benefits from LC, this would be enough for me to continue taking the pill.

After a couple weeks on the pill I noticed that my skin gained a more youthful, fine, clear, and rosy complexion. This was not only evident to me, but my friends, and co-workers noticed it too. For the first time in years I heard the remark that I had "beautiful skin" and you "look so young." One person even commented to me that I looked too young to have a child! This is a result of the effects not only on my skin but also on the vitality and energy Longevity Crystal has given me.

Before taking Longevity Crystal I was a lifelong sufferer of constipation. Although my diet has not changed at all, in recent months I have not had any problem with elimination. My elimination is now on a daily basis, as compared to before LC where I had painful bowel movements only once very few days. By taking LC I believe it has improved my digestion and elimination. For the first time in my life, something that at one time was a major discomfort and concern for me is no longer a problem.

Two other areas that I have noticed related to taking LC is that any mouth or body odor I once had is greatly reduced. I no longer suffer from unpleasant tastes in my mouth (morning breath reduced) and I rarely feel the need to use deodorant (I am still using the same deodorant since last year!).

In addition, I have not suffered any form of illness over theses past ten months. Generally I have a cold or flu a minimum of two times a year. Over the past ten months I have not suffered the least cold, flu, or its symptoms.

This is an account of some of my reactions to taking LC. These are the outward signs that I can not deny are positively related to taking LC everyday. I am sure that there are other internal benefits that I am unaware of at this point.

For me taking Longevity Crystal is part of my daily routine. I don't ever want to stop receiving the major health benefits that only Longevity Crystal has been able to give me. Longevity Crystal is my miracle pill!

T. M. Barone, 12/12/1995

American Graduate Student, Tianjin University


Why do I take Longevity Crystal?

My first reason is because, at age 50, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery and was put on Tamoxifen for at least 5 years. After taking Tamoxifen for four years, I developed one of many side effects, uterine cancer. Another surgery - total hysterectorny. Ten months after my surgery, I still felt very tired and had no energy. I read up on Longevity Crystal offered by my cousin and decided to try it.

Now that I have been on it for six months, I have many more reasons. The second big reason for taking it is my arthritis in my hips, knees and ankles is so relieved.

Third reason: No swelling of my ankles after I have been standing 10-12 hours a day.

The fourth reason is a big one for all women my age. I can control my daily stress and always seemed relaxed from early morning starting my day until late evening.

Now that I'm 55, it just seems great to be a new person with such good feelings. I also have my Sheltic Dog on Longevity Crystal because of her arthritis. Now, we are both ready for fun with my four grandchildren.

Thanks to Dr. A. DJang for his great Longevity Crystal.

Pat Carr, 7/15/1998

Jamestown, NY


Dear Doctor DJang:

I have been taking your longevity crystals per direction for the last two weeks. During those two weeks, I have noticed remarkable changes in my overall feeling of wellbeing.

Specifically, I feel more relaxed, less stressed, and have a higher level of energy. I have also lost some weight and am beginning to experience some increase in muscle strength. I have also noticed that my skin tone has improved and the rather severe cold from which I was suffering when I first started taking your longevity crystals subsided within a few days after taking this compound.

I am particularly delighted that this compound is made from 100 percent natural substances and I have experienced absolutely no side effects, other than an overall feeling of better health.

Please continue to send me your longevity crystals as I intend on making them a part of my daily diet.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Very truly yours,


RICHARD L. SOTIR, JR., 5/7/1997

Jamestown, NY


At The Medicine Shoppe we have discovered that a majority of people who try Longevity Crystals become repeat customers. They have reported a number of positive effects including increased energy and mental clarity, improved control of blood sugar levels, and relief from constipation. A man with liver disease had a dramatic decrease in his blood ammonia level and was able to function more normally than he had previously.

On a personal level, I find that Longevity Crystals give me a noticeable increase in energy and a sense of overall well-being. I am not fatigued after a long day at work and am able to participate in more activities with my family.

Linda J. Lombaidi, 6/17/1998

The Medicine Shoppe, Jamestown, NY


Dear Dr. DJang,

I have been selling your Longevity Crystals in my store for about three months now. Every time I introduce a new product to my customers, there is always a big risk that it will not meet their needs.

However, this time we had a public response so positive that word of mouth advertising brought us new customer.

At least 90% of the responses were positive, where the clients reported more strength, energy and vitality.

I am very glad to have had this opportunity to recommend Longevity Crystals to my clientele.

Sincerely yours,

David Ferguson ,2/19/1999

Black Sea Health Foods, Agassiz, BC



In May, I had discovered a bloody discharge from a duct in my left nipple. I started taking 4 to 5 Longevity Crystals a day and by the time my OB/GYN saw me, the discharge was light brown. He referred me to a surgeon to rule out interductal papilomas. The discharge at that time of the appointment with the surgeon had almost completely disappeared. Today, there is no trace of any discharge left and x-ray proved my observation.

I have been an avid sun-lover all my life and I've had areas of skin that have been damage severely. In fact, I had on both feet, a patch that was thick like a callous, very wrinkled and discolored. Now, they have become smooth and hardly noticeable after two months on the Longevity Crystals.

I've also had problems with depression and I have been on Zoloft 75 mg for the last three years. I tried to wean myself twice and couldn't get off of it. In fact, at one point, I had suicidal thoughts and went back on the drug immediately. Now, I am weaning myself off again and I feel great. I am at 25 mg every other day, I have a substantially greater amount of energy than before taking Longevity Crystals.

I have a son that was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 13 months and he is now 4-1/2 years old. We have tried to give him different supplements through the last few years that haven't really helped his glucose level come into line.

In April, we took him to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh and his HBA1C number was 9.7 which is really dangerously high. His endocrinologist told us that we had to go back to three (3) insulin injections a day, we told him that pretty much all that did was torture him and we had done that before and there was no change. We went ahead and did it, again there was no change.

I started him on Longevity Crystals, 0.5 tablets, 3 times a day, and after about 4 to 5 weeks, his glucose numbers started to come into line. On return to Children's Hospital only 10 weeks later, our physician was sure it had been too short of a time span for his HBA1C number to drop but much to his surprise, as well as ours, it had gone to 8.5. His blood sugar levels are now about 90% within target range and before, he was at best 50% in range.

Longevity Crystals also gave me lots of energy and made me much calmer, not stressed out anymore. My skin looks 5 to 10 years younger and I no longer suffer with PMS. My whole family is happy.

Thank you Dr. Djang.

M. Sard

37-year old mother of two

Falconer, New York, 7/1998


The dream of the Emperor has come true!

In 1997, my wife went back to visit her family and she also did the physical examination in two major hospitals. They found some cyst in both sides of the fallopian tube and three tumors in the uterus. The biggest one was 2.5 inches in diameter. We refused the surgical operation.

After she came back to Canada, we used all kinds of herbs and some supplements (CanAid, Yu-ccan, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Garlic, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E + Selenium) to detoxify her body and boost her immunity. In late July this year, Dr. James Y. Ji came to our company and showed us his best antioxidant, the "Longevity Crystal", which was formulated with an unique technique developed by his professor Dr. Arthur H. K. DJang. My wife started taking two capsules per day in the first two weeks, and after that she took four capsules per day.

This Christmas, my wife went back to Taiwan again. At one o'clock Monday morning, she phoned me and said: "This morning I had a checkup. I watched the screen myself and realized that those tumors have disappeared. The doctor was very surprised!" What a wonderful news! Our family was under a great stress during the past 12 months, and now we can have a peaceful mood.

When I first read the introductory leaflet of the Longevity Crystal this July, it sounded too good to be true. But the customers' feedback is real. They have told us a lot of positive feelings such as becoming high-spirited, gaining more energy, having less flu or allergy, diminishing sore muscle, stiff joints, and menopause symptoms, having much calmer mood, having peaceful sleep, and skin spots become lightened. It is too numerous to be mentioned. During the past five months, over 300 bottles had been sold through our store. It's that good! Now, all of our relatives are taking the Longevity Crystal and driving me crazy!

Our whole family sincerely appreciates that Dr. Ji introduced to us the miracle Longevity Crystal formulated by Dr. DJang.

B. L./General Manager, 12/22/98


Dear Dr. Djang,

I just want to jot down my initial impressions about Longevity Crystals after taking only one crystal daily for 15 days.

I was just recovering from a severe, upper realintory infection when I started Longevity. Since I am taking Cortisane 50 mg/day, and Florinef 0.1 mg/day for chronic Addison's Disease, I started on one Longevity Crystal per day.

After 5 days on the Crystals, I was beginning to feel more energetic, and more mentally sharps. Also, I noticed that I was sleeping better at night. I have had some distress with urinary urgency for 2 years, and I feel that this has decreased in the last 5 days. (I have known B.P.H. and take 4 mg of Cardura/day, which was already helping.)

I feel less tired at the end of a day's work, than I did 15 days ago. I am about 16 lbs above my ideal weight at age 74, and I hope that Longevity Crystals will help here, as you predicted.

I am only taking one Crystal per day so far, but may go to two a day after one month. I do plan to continue taking Longevity Crystals for the foreseeable future, and will give you a follow up report at around the three month interval.

Sincerely yours,

J.M., M.D., 4/2/1998


Breast Cancer

Dear Ben Liu,

I have read and appreciate your testimonials. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 1 and 1/2 months ago, and determined to heal myself and forgo the medical treatments that my doctor was offering. I have been on a raw food diet, drinking alkaline water, and taking many green food supplements as well as graviola, pau d'Arco, Herb Cocktail (bowel Cleanse) and Elliagic insurance formula. I am not seeing the results that I expected, so I am wondering if I should add CanAid, Yu-can and Thisilyn Cleanse.

Lately, I am experiencing more tumors growth, and pain, which is not what I would expect from my diet, and supplements.

I am 60 years old, 155 lb, 5ft 7in, work at home. Both my parents have died in the past two years at the ages of 81 and 82 of a brain hemorrhage (father) from taking cumarin, and my mother of Alzheimer's. There is no history of breast cancer in my family.

I have been into alternative healing for 35 years, a vegetarian, and taking the best supplements for my health that I could find.

I do not take any drugs, or medicines. Green supplements right now are Greens+, Ben Kim's Greens, and Green Shield greens which is only organic grasses and herbs for alkalinizing my body. Graviola and Pau'Darco are herbs for cancer, Elliagic Insurance Formula is also for cancer, and has Vit A, Vit C, Vit E, selenium, Pomegranate Extract, Graviola, Red Raspberry Powder, Green Tea Extract, Whole Grape Extract and Enzymes. Herb Cocktail is from Avena herbs and contains hibiscus, psyllium, peppermint, licorice, cascara sagrada, Siberian ginseng, corn silk.

I will probably go on a fast soon, as I do not see results from these things, and need to speed up the detox and the healing of my body. I read the testimonials, and thought maybe I should take some to the supplements on your website.

I am mostly trying detox, and alkalinizing the body as the way to cure my cancer. I was on an 80% raw food diet before the diagnosis, and swimming a lot, taking supplements, using an alkaline water filter, and my FIR sauna, so I realize that all of this was not enough.

I just ordered Beta Glucan today as I realize that I need to do more to heal myself, and am starting to become worried. Beta Glucan is considered by one of the e-books that I bought on alternative healing of cancer, to be one of the best immune support supplements available. They also recommend Can-aid.

Ms. C. R. / S. S. Island 11/29/07


We sent our recommendation with the special emphasis on the following two subjects right away to her:

* Chi Machine and Far Infrared Rays Hot House are good ideas for physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs. But they are not recommended for cancer patients. They will stimulate blood circulation and cause acceleration of cancer spread to neighboring tissues.

* Meanwhile, I don't have chance to check those other supplements and herbs. But please stop taking Greens+ and Siberian ginseng, those were your major mistakes. 11/30/07

But it seems that she did not agree with us at that time. On 5/17/09, 18 months later, she contacted us again:

I wanted to order these products as my tumors are still growing, and the alkaline diet that I have been on does not seem to be enough. I cannot find on this email what the name of your website is.
C. R. 5/17/09

She started to take our 10-day program - Chinese Bitters on the 28th of May. On June 17th she called:

Hi Ben, those tumors are shrinking, I have an excellent feeling. I want to order one more bottle of your Chinese Bitters; I have to knock them out from my body! I should try this program long time ago!



My name is L. L. We have met in past, I was the sales representative for A C T products.

In June of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and will follow up with radiation in September.

I ordered Oncolyn, next time I will order thru your store. ?I have taken 2-4 tablets every day since I found out. I am taking vitamin C and Q10, sometimes vitamin D.

You have helped so many people Ben, and your compassion is heartening.

I am enquiring as to the dosage of the Oncolyn and any recommendations for cancer prevention. I will be undergoing Rife treatments before September.

Best regards
L. L. 8/17/08


Thank you very much Ben.

I appreciate your information and will try very hard to follow this program. Your guidance is well respected and I am honoured to receive it from you.

Warmest regards
L. L. 8/18/08


Hello Ben;

I would like to thank you for our previous communications. I also wanted you to know I am currently undergoing chemo therapy, and will finish in March.

I have taken your list of recommended nutritional foods and supplements and have basically removed all junk from diet and try to eat pure organic.

The time you have taken to assist me is greatly appreciated and I look forward to following up with you in
the near future.

Although chemo was not the path I expected to take, and would rather have heightened my survival rate through natural means alone, I took the step and your list, and feel encouraged by this.

For this I cannot thank you enough.

Warmest regards
L. L. 11/15/08


Hi Ben,
Thank you. I have received the order and have been on the Chinese Bitters since Tuesday May 19th.
No side effects other than extra trip to washroom during day. I was wondering if you could
explain on what the herbs are actually doing for me. I have followed new diet except for pasta yesterday.

There is a local fresh pasta place my friend from Italy started here and I am addicted to it. It is made with fresh semolina flour. Is this o.k. on occasionally? I have taken sugar and coffee out of my diet and eat a lot of fruit and do fruit shakes with flax oil. Anyway, thank you again, this has been a terrifying year and for the first time I feel like I have a little control on the situation. I know there are no guarantees but there is hope.

I will be placing on order for the vitamins you suggested after I finish the Chinese Bitters.
L. L. 5/22/09

I realize I made a huge mistake ordering the smaller quantities. I am getting my energy back and hot
flashes are greatly reduced. Thank you and may I call with some questions.
L.L. 6/25/09

I am feeling stronger. Thanks Ben
L.L. 7/28/09


Nancy W, New York, 55, a professional interior decorator was found to left breast cancer 2 years ago, with metastases to axillary lymph nodes. She had history of lumpeotomy, radiation and chemotherapy. She was tired most of time and lost 25 lbs. Since taking Oncolyn 6 month ago, she felt much better and no longer depressed. She continued gained back her lost weight. She has more energy and improved outlook. She is being followed by her family physician.


M.W., 60 Female, history of mastectomy for ductal carcinoma of right breast, 1997. had radiation and chemotherapy. Was on Tamoxifen but felt miserable due to weight gain, hot flushes and uterine bleeding. She started Oncolyn 14 months ago. She felt great, lost edema. No more hot flushes, weight reduced to normal and old arthritis pain of her knees disappeared. Can get up in the morning without being stiff. Her husband took Oncolyn one tab per day. His arthritic pains of the knees and hands also disappeared.


L.M., 49 Female, for preventive purpose take Oncolyn one tab daily for 3 months, lost 10 lbs and felt great with energy, no more depression, facial skin more supple and most wrinkles disappeared. Her first cousin had cancer and cardiovascular disease.


D.E., 51 Male, had right mastectomy in 9/1997 and metastasis to right upper lobe of right lung. Had chemotherapy and radiation. Estrogen and progesterone receptors each 60% positive. Analysis further showed tumor cells and near diploid with a DNA index of 1.2 for the past 2 months, patient is taking Oncolyn one tab t.i.d. and doing well with return of energy. No more depressions, weight gains 10 lbs with more energy.


M.S., 37 Female, May, 1998 had bloody discharge from left nipple, family physician's diagnosis was intraducatal papiloma took Longevity Crystal and Oncolyn for one month, discharge disappeared. Mammography 6 weeks after showed no detectable lesion.


S.D., 48 Female, history of infiltrating ductal carcinoma of right breast in 12 December 1998, had lumpectomy. Tumor cells positive for estrogen and progesterone receptors more than 60%. Did not receive radiation or chemotherapy. Took immunotherapy from Canada Oncolyn t.i.d. for the past 4 months. CT/MRJ clear. No identifiable lesions. Patient in clinical remission and works full time.


On 21 February 2001, I received my diagnosis: I had breast cancer. Over the next six weeks, the news got worse with each visit to a doctor climaxing on the 28th of March 2001 when I was told I had locally advanced breast cancer. There is no cure for this disease. I was told I had a 5 ~ 7 % chance of going into remission. Surgery was no longer an option.

I started 6 months of FAC chemotherapy on the 30th of March 2001. That same day I began the natural regime which entails taking Canaid herbal tea, CanEase, garlic, vitamins B, C, & E, Milk Thistle, dandelion root, and plus a powdered multi-vitamin in juice. By June 2002, both of my tumors had disappeared and I was told I was in "clinical remission". Throughout the entire 6 months of chemotherapy, I experienced none of the usual side effects associated with that treatment. I credit my ability to tolerate the chemotherapy so well to the Canaid & CanEase regime.

I also credit the combination of FAC chemotherapy and Canaid & CanEase regime for putting me into remission, which is where I remain today. All of my medical treatment has stopped, but I have continued with the Canaid & CanEase Regime. I am enjoying good health much to the amazement of my doctors.

S. Noble / Burnaby, B.C.



J. P., Salmon Arm, I started taking Oncolyn on Jan 12/00, 8 days after my surgery for Stage #3 Colon Cancer + Tumor + Lymph nodes. Treatment involved 5 FU and Leucsuorin. I had 5 days treatment a month for 6 months. No nausea or diarrhea and no down or depressed feelings. I feel prayer support Oncolyn and chemo should all go hand in hand. I am sure my immune system and "well feeling" was kept up high by the Oncolyn. I am now taking Oncolyn as a "Life Guard" forever. I do think Oncolyn should be recognized by the medical profession as an alternative treatment for cancer and recognized by the BC Medical Association.



Joe G, 45, New York, industrial worker, heavy smoker for 30 years developed suamous cell carcinoma of the right lung, received radiation and chemotherapy. 6 month later developed right axillary nodal etastasis (large matted tumor mass 5 cm X 5 cm X 5 cm) somewhat painful, after Oncolyn 3 X / day for one month. Axillary tumor reduced to 2 cm X 3 cm X 3 cm. Patient went to Texas and Mexico for treatment. No additional follow-up.


R.Z., 58 Male, smoker 20 years, cough and headache, joints' pain prompted him to seek medical advice 12/1998. X-ray showed a fist-sized tumor in this lung attached to esophagus. Biopsy showed small cell carcinoma. Received chemotherapy and radiation lost 30 lbs and felt miserable. Started Oncolyn, one tab t.i.d., for 2 months, gained 20 lbs and no longer tired. Did not cough, appetite better, continue to follow-up with family physician. X-ray showed reduction of lung tumor from 3 X 5 cm to 3 X 3 cm.


K.S., 67 Male, non-smoker, passive exposure to cigarette smoke 20 years. 11/1999, bronchoscope showed mass in right upper lobe with weight loss and chest pain. Pathology-Adenocarcinoma, received mitomycin, vinblastine, cisplastin chemotherapy with complication of epiotaxis, leghargy, leucopenia, neuropathy, nauseas and vomiting. C.T. showed liver metastasis. Started Oncolyn, felt more energy, no more depression, continue follow-up with physician.


B.V.C., 55 Male, heavy smoker, 25 years, aquamous lung cancer diagnosed, 1997. History of chemotherapy and radiation with improvement, developed left axillary mass in June, 1998 and reached a size 5 X 5 cm. Took Oncolyn one tab t.i.d. for 2 months. Axilla mass reduced to 2 X 3 cm. Went to Mexico, lost in follow-up.


Spine, Long Bones, Lymph System and A Large Tumor Around The Aorta.

G.P., 54 Female, had back pain for about 2 years. Besides initial history of injury, no other causes. Cortisone injections only caused a temporary relief.

12/1998 bone scan and C.T. showed lesions in left arm, left femur, sternum and abnormal lymph nodes. Pain was excruciating in back and left leg. Abdominal explorative surgery showed confluent tumor mass in Para aortic region.

Surgeons did not recommend radiation and sent patient home to arrange her affairs because she was given only 2 months to live. Bone marrow aspiration showed malignant lymphoma, small cell follicular type with panmyelesis.

2/1999 patient used Leukeran for less than one week, discontinued use due to side effects.

Started Oncolyn in March 1999, started to improve, gained strength and weight (she had lost 26 lbs since Jan 99). No longer smelled strange things, small nodule around her nose and inside her mouth disappeared. No longer needed morphine.

April 18, 1999 faxed to Save-On Nutrition Centre. After taking the Oncolyn for almost one month, I notice the following symptoms:

- ringing in my ears-but not extreme.
- headache shortly after taking Oncolyn, but it goes away in about 1/2 hour.
- the palms of my hands are turning orange (detoxification?)
- hot spots in my stomach (cancer shrinking?)

I don't know if these symptoms are serious enough to stop taking Oncolyn, or if I should stay on it for at least another month. Feb 6/99, I was diagnosed with cancer in my spine, long bones, lymph system, and a large tumor around the aorta. I seem to be improving.

If you feel that it is okay to continue on this product, would you send me another bottle by mail as before. You have my master card number at your store. Thank you very much.

May 24, 1999, normal appearing lady of her stated age, asymptomatic, continued taking Oncolyn one tab t.i.d. with vitamin C and E and other phytosupplements.

7/20/1999 she is in good health and resumed normal function and running her ranch. Reviewed her nuclear bone scan together with her radiologists, they showed 80% of her bone lesions were no longer visible in comparision with scan taken 12/1998. She works 8 to 10 hours a day without being tired. 8/20/1999 CBC, UA routine blood chemistries normal.

11/6/99 patient continues in clinical remission, works full time.

As of May 2000 she is living well and continuing to run her ranch full time.


The following is a direct quote from Red Deer Advocate, Central Alberta's Daily Newspaper

A miracle cancer cure? by Lana Michelin

Fifteen months ago, Gwen Parker was released from hospital with a bag of morphine and a death sentence.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer that had invaded her bones and vital organs, Parker wasn't given the choice of chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

"The doctor operated, saw all this cancer, and closed me right up again. "After surgery, he said, 'I'm very sorry, you have inoperable cancer,'" she recalled. "He wouldn't send me to the cancer clinic because it was too late for me.

" Parker's physician recommended in February 1999 that she put her affairs in order as she had only months to live.

The horrified Rimbey-area woman could barely grasp this. "I thought, I'm not going to see my next birthday, or the year 2000. How can this be that my life is over?"

But more than a year later, Parker appears to have beaten insurmountable odds -- and she's doing better than just surviving.

Five months after her devastating diagnosis, CT scans showed reduced tumours in her abdomen and bones.

Friends started telling her she looked healthier, and "I got my appetite back," said the 55-year-old, who regained 12 kg and her strength.

By mid-November, no tumours were evident in scans of her stomach. And Parker said her last CT scan, done three months ago, showed only a trace of cancer remaining in her spine, where the first tumour originated.

The elated Central Alberta woman credits an alternative therapy she's taking for the astonishing turnaround.

Parker said an herbal mixture called Oncolyn -- created by New York physician Dr. Arthur Djang -- initially worked to relieve her pain, and now appears to be killing her tumours.

While her doctor refused to comment on Parker's case, her account isn't the only Oncolyn success story.



J.H., 8 F.
11/1995 - Medulloblastoma of cerebellum, apricot size tumor was removed. Received radiation and chemotherapy, vincristine, cytoxan, last treatment 2/1997.

7/31/1999 - On Oncolyn 2 months, increased vitality, more muscle power and better mood, playful, good overall nutrition. In second grade, happy in classroom. Can draw and write, mild speech impairment. Will do another MRI in September 1999.



G.V., 49 M, primary melanoma of left index finger with subsequent metastasis to left axillaries lymph nodes. Lesions was surgical removed. Placed on Oncolyn one tab, q.i.d. for 2 months, Chest X-ray in March 1999 showed clear lung fields. No pulmonary nodules are seen with normal visualized bony structures. Opacity of the left second anterior rib is no longer seen. Patient is using Oncolyn and feeling great and doing his church work with enthusiasm. The Oncologist has discussed him about using interferon alpha and interleukin II.


Testicular Cancer, Lymph Nodes, Abdomen, & Lungs

D. Robinson, a 20-year-old from Edmonton, was also given a dim prognosis in October 1998, after physicians discovered his testicular cancer had spread into his lymph nodes, abdomen and lungs.

Robinson started taking Oncolyn, as well as vitamins and supplements, and reported this week that his most recent CT scan in February showed no trace of cancer in his body.

"It's amazing to me. I thought Oncolyn was just another pill at first," said Robinson, who now considers it "a miracle in a small package."

He was told that his chances of having children were next to nil, but now he is two lovely children's father .



J.H., 71 Male, patient was diagnosed with prostate cancer (Gleason, 9/10) with extension to bladder wall and seminal visele. Digital rectum examination showed four palpable hard nodules. Patient refused radiation and surgery. Patient started Oncolyn one tab t.i.d. for 2 months. DRE shows only 2 palpable nodules. PSA was reduced from 28 to 0.7. Patient has lots more energy and gained back lost weight 20 lbs and swim 10 laps in the morning.


W.D., 70 Male, was found to have enlarged prostate a few years ago, was diagnosed to have cancer of the prostate. Started to take Oncolyn one tab t.i.d. with gradual subsidence of clinical symptoms. After 3 months, PSA dropped from 20 to 0.9.


M.L., 63 Male, in 9/1997 - needle biopsy showed prostate cancer (Gleason 7) on the right lobe. Took hormone under the advice of family physician. Oncolyn for 3 months. PSA dropped from 7.9 to 0.1.


Dear Dr. DJang, Thank you for making Oncolyn available to people like me who have given up on traditional Medicine after their doctors have given up on them.

I was introduced to Oncolyn by a Ms. Gwen Parker of Rimbey, Alberta, Canada. She was in a feature article in the Red Dear, Alberta newspaper where they told of her death sentence by her doctor who after opening her up said the cancer was so far advanced that not even Chemo would help. The doctor then sent her home with pain killers and told to get her affairs in order. This happened some 18 months ago and after taking Oncolyn she is almost cancer free and living a normal life.

I was diagnosed some 110 days ago of having cancer of the prostrate with a PSA of 640 (six hundred and forty) and after a bone scan it was found that the cancer had spread into my hip and ribs, back bone and spine. The pain was very severe and I was put on strong pain killers. I then started taking Oncolyn crushed 3 times aday and after two weeks the pain subsided to where I was pain free. After 100 days on Oncolyn I took a repeat test and it was found that my PSA had resided down to 0.07 (point zero seven) and three tumors in the rib cage were missing and the others were still detected. I also received one female hormone shot 90 days ago which was the same day that the pain stopped.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Yours truly,

Jay Davis
September 1, 2000


Kidney & Lymph

Ken E. Robinson, M 65, Burnaby, B.C, 10/27/2000.

I recently had one of my kidney removed due to cancer. It had spread to my lymph nodes and the prognosis was not good. Eventually the cancer spread to my throat with a big lump, I refused chemo, but did take radiation. The lump did go down but I feel with the help of herbs that I took my healing was nothing short of miraculous.

Upon my check up, the doctors were astounded, I continue to feel good and the doctors who originally thought I had stomach tumors say I am tumor free. I feel the herbs - Canaid , Yu-ccan herbal tea, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root and Oncolyn have healed me and I am grateful to Ben, the owner of Save-On Nutrition Centre, and continue to take them faithfully.


The following is a direct quote from Red Deer Advocate, Central Alberta's Daily Newspaper

A miracle cancer cure? by Lana Michelin

Fifteen months ago, Gwen Parker was released from hospital with a bag of morphine and a death sentence.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer that had invaded her bones and vital organs, Parker wasn't given the choice of chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

"The doctor operated, saw all this cancer, and closed me right up again. "After surgery, he said, 'I'm very sorry, you have inoperable cancer,'" she recalled. "He wouldn't send me to the cancer clinic because it was too late for me.

" Parker's physician recommended in February 1999 that she put her affairs in order as she had only months to live.

The horrified Rimbey-area woman could barely grasp this. "I thought, I'm not going to see my next birthday, or the year 2000. How can this be that my life is over?"

But more than a year later, Parker appears to have beaten insurmountable odds -- and she's doing better than just surviving.

Five months after her devastating diagnosis, CT scans showed reduced tumours in her abdomen and bones.

Friends started telling her she looked healthier, and "I got my appetite back," said the 55-year-old, who regained 12 kg and her strength.

By mid-November, no tumours were evident in scans of her stomach. And Parker said her last CT scan, done three months ago, showed only a trace of cancer remaining in her spine, where the first tumour originated.

The elated Central Alberta woman credits an alternative therapy she's taking for the astonishing turnaround.

Parker said an herbal mixture called Oncolyn -- created by New York physician Dr. Arthur Djang -- initially worked to relieve her pain, and now appears to be killing her tumours.

While her doctor refused to comment on Parker's case, her account isn't the only Oncolyn success story.


D. Robinson, a 20-year-old from Edmonton, was also given a dim prognosis in October 1998, after physicians discovered his testicular cancer had spread into his lymph nodes, abdomen and lungs.

Robinson started taking Oncolyn, as well as vitamins and supplements, and reported this week that his most recent CT scan in February showed no trace of cancer in his body.

"It's amazing to me. I thought Oncolyn was just another pill at first," said Robinson, who now considers it "a miracle in a small package."

He was told that his chances of having children were next to nil, but now he is two lovely children's father .


Where does one start?

When I tell you that I have beaten Cancer three times?

May 04, 1994, 9 1/2 hours of careful surgery removed a tumor from my Thyroid Gland about the size of an egg. Growth adhered between the gland and the esophagus making this a painstaking effort on behalf of the Surgeon. Swallowing at this time had become difficult.

Earlier that year, many friends offered support in the form of herbal advice, vitamins, diet, and various consultations. One friend in particular had send me a bag of dried roots (don't know or remember what kind of roots, but it came from some native friends) and told me to boil this stuff for 10 hours, strain it and consume one to three ounces in a cup of hot water before every meal progressively.
My first reaction was not to do it. However, after doing extensive research in libraries and other readings of various accumulated books decided to do it. This toxic cleansing did the trick. It also left me a little weak. With consumption of various vitamins and herb supplements my energy and state of mind was restored before surgery.

Cancer is activated by stress. Having gone through a divorce, mental and financial crises, and loss of friends and loss of family left me in a critical state. My Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) assured me that these were things and negative family and negative friends were not necessary for my well-being. People can be cruel and so can be shoved around by high priced lawyers. Confidence and Faith was the key.

However, the following years brought me some more bad luck. On May 04,1997, my house burned down with many collectable books, stamps, coins, paper money, paintings, family and travel pictures, many cameras, etc. Their values were lost in the shuffle of insurance criteria and more lawyers. A couple months later, my new wife's son had passed away in Japan. Many numerous stressful items had brought on the Cancer again.

January 2001, I was diagnosed with a tumor under my right salivary gland. Some times in May 2001, CT scans showed difficulty in the upper chest and right lung.

So I started to search for information on purchasing roots for repetition of the previous cleansing. After a couple of weeks of searching I had talked to a Chinese Nutritionist (Ben) who introduced me to Canaid Tea. This stuff included these ingredients: Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Turkey Rhubarb Root and Slippery Elm Bark. He also recommended the Yu-ccan Herbal Drink. I took an ounce of Canaid Tea with a cup of hot distilled water an hour before meals, 3 times a day, (1 ounce per cup for the first two weeks, 2 ounces per cup for the next three weeks and then 3 ounces per cup for the next three months and then worked backed to 2 ounces for a month and then 1 ounce per day every day)...and the Herbal Drink (about a 1/2 ounce) after every meal in a cup of hot distilled water.

During discussions with the same Surgeon that I had in 1994, there was a danger of a special nerve on my right side of my neck that was being stretched by the growing tumor. This during surgery could cause temporary or permanent paralysis to the left hand side of my body. After continuous use of the Canaid Tea and the Herbal Drink, the tumor had shrunk and it was a lot safer to perform the removal of the tumor. From May till the end of September, the scans had identified the tumors as being smaller in size. Meaning that the Cancer tumors were shrinking.

While visiting my Mom on her birthday and attending family weddings at the end of September, I decided to go to the YU-CCAN Warehouse in Sherwood Park to see if I could buy this stuff at a better price than $40.00 a bottle. This is where I met Rick, "Mr. YU-CCAN" himself. His attitude, friendliness and sincere knowledge of the product and its effectiveness' on Cancer helped me decide to become part of the YU-CCAN Team.

October 17, 2001, sternal (breaking the rib cage open) surgery and massive neck dissection totalling 8 1/2 hours of surgery --- removed a tumor under my right chin, --- two contaminated lymph nodes in the chest and ---inspection of the lung.

January 2003, we had returned from a vacation in the Philippines and China and I just felt plain exhausted and awful¡K My doctor and I had decided that we should take some CT scans of my neck and chest area to check for possible cancerous growth in the form of a tumor.

In my left side near my heart area a spot about 1.25 inches in diameter and about 0.35 inches thick was evident. Sometimes late March it was decided that surgery would be required to remove this and should be done as soon as possible. With discussions with my Specialist, family Doctor and the Oncologist we had agreed for me to try a heavy herbal detoxification procedure. For about 5 weeks of heavy dosages of Canaid Herbal Tea (3oz. 3 times a day) and Yu-ccan Herbal Drink (1 oz. 2 times a day) and a very careful and strict diet with NO white sugar or flour products, coffee, pork, dairy products, etc.

Sometimes beginning of May a CT scan was repeated and it showed signs of the tumor getting smaller in size --- if anything, it was definitely was not getting bigger. Another CT scan was scheduled and this showed only a faint image of something. With this good news surgery was cancelled and the Cancer Clinic gave a green light of --- come back in 6 months. And by the way --- what is that vitamin or stuff that you were taking????

The rest is history. I would like you to understand that what I know about Cancer and other diseases is --- 'that there may never be a cure'. But what is possible. Is to have the opportunity to improve the quality of one's life and to have the opportunity to extend one's life. Oh sure, some of my friends do not believe in this stuff. They have also passed away. I'm here. I'm not happy that they are not. I pray for a better new life for them.

I do believe that my Cancer is finally leaving my body --- as I have not felt this well in a long time. My energy is back, my mind is strong, my voice is much better, and I just feel real good. I do a lot speaking engagements on Men's Health and Cancer. My good friends are happy for me ----

Len Arychuk, 8/1/2003

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