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Size: 150 g
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Phyto D-Tox

The Ancient Chinese Herbal Extract


Why is cleansing so important?

Our ancestor realized that there are many factors which cause disease and imbalances in the human body. Factors may include climate abnormalities, pestilence, emotional stimulation, injury by irregular diet/overstrain, trauma, insect bites, and pathological products of disease outcome. All of these factors contribute to imbalances within the human system.

Nowadays we are constantly exposed to pollutants such as chemicals, plastics, drugs, exhaust fumes, heavy metals, pesticides, detergent, shampoo, radiation, pollutants in the air, water and food additives, preservative, seasonings, and MSG. Each day our body functions to maintain a state of internal equilibrium and our body is continuously building new cells and breaking down old cells. Most of the broken down materials in the body are recycled, but wastes produced from normal bodily processes can accumulate within the body and lead to a state of congestion. Little by little an accumulation of toxins can build up in the body. Most of this unwanted material is deposited in the digestive tract, colon, liver, lymphatic system, and kidneys. As a result, many health problems are caused by these toxic accumulations. Fortunately, many of these materials can be eliminated by using a complete full body cleansing program X Phyto D-ToxTM.

Every day we clean our house, wash clothes, brush teeth, take shower; and even wash and maintain automobile periodically. But how many of us ever think about cleaning our internal organs? It is our own responsibility to cleanse our internal organs in order to maintain our health.

When to do a Phyto D-ToxTM?

The potential signs of a body overwhelmed by toxins are:
acne, allergies, asthma, bad breath, bloating, body odor, boil, brittle nails and hair, cancer, candidiasis, coated tongue, cold sores, constipation, depression, discomfort or pain under the right side of the rib cage near the liver and gallbladder, dryness of the skin, edema, fatigue, fungus, furuncle, hay fever, headache, heavy, indigestion, inflammatory disorders, insomnia, lethargic, muscle and joint pain / stiffness, nausea, obesity, poor appetite, poor complexion, poor eyesight, poor memory, poor sense of smell, psoriasis, shingles, skin discoloration, skin irritation, sluggish immune function, tension, tight muscles in the shoulders and neck, tumor, water retention, weakness, yeast infection, and numerous chronic diseases, and etc.

Most of the people can sense when their bodies need to be cleansed under the circumstances of:

  • Over-indulged after holidays.
  • Chemical poisoning.
  • Wishing to break old habits/life style, to stop smoking/drinking, and to make a new start with the new state of health and life.
  • Wanting to "tune-up" the body for general maintenance and to regain a feeling of well-being.


The Perfect Phyto D-Tox

To improve your health

We are proud to present you our unique Phyto D-ToxTM X an ancient herbal formula exceptionally researched and specially formulated by our ancestor. Phyto D-ToxTM is made from a synergistic blend of the highest quality, certified, organically grown, and wild-crafted precious herbs. The minute you take Phyto D-ToxTM, you start feeling better. Your body feels cleansed, your irregularity is relieved, and you feel revitalized and refreshed. It is a truly Chinese formulation X the first Phyto D-ToxTM that is very easy to take and is highly effective.

The bitter taste is the key!

For centuries, the use of herbal bitters as an aid to digestion has been an integral part of almost every cultural tradition in the world. Especially in the Chinese societies, various formulas have been practiced for thousands of years.

However, in the typical modern Western lifestyle, bitters have been almost entirely ignored and eliminated from the diet.

Phyto D-ToxTM produces a natural "bitterness". A bitter taste has a profound effect on your digestive system, especially on the liver and gall bladder which are the keepers of the metabolic balance within the body. Phyto D-ToxTM revitalizes a whole range of digestive functions by enhancing secretions of the liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine to promote proper digestion and to eliminate toxins and wastes.

Easy 10-Day Internal Cleansing

The Phyto D-ToxTM Easy 10-Day cleansing program is simple to use! It will not interrupt your daily routine and a hearty diet can still be maintained. The experienced cleanser will notice the dramatic health benefits that Phyto D-ToxTM offers without having the emotional and physical fluctuations often caused by fasting.

Phyto D-ToxTM is an all-purpose health tonic that assists in:

  • enhancing digestion
  • detoxifying the blood
  • cleansing the organs
  • boosting the immune system
  • reducing aches and pains
  • supporting healing and recovery
  • improving sleep patterns
  • improving memory and clarity
  • increasing energy
  • feeling lighter, healthier, and younger

There is a Chinese proverb said: "Good herbs taste bitter."

Phyto D-ToxTM is the best nature's solution!
Phyto D-ToxTM is the perfect herbal life enhancer!

No cleansing program supports your body better than Phyto D-ToxTM.

The above information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, or in any way replace qualified medical supervision. For serious medical conditions, consult with your doctor before using these or any other herbal remedies.

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