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Size: 300 g
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Chinese Bitters

The Ancient Chinese Herbal Extract

New Hope for Most Suffers

Shen Nong is one of the legendary Chinese ancestors. It is believed that Shen Nong taught people how to identify and grow different kinds of plants and crops. To relieve people from afflictions and suffering, Shen Nong decided to taste hundreds of herbs to study the medicinal effects and disease curing capability of each herb. To commemorate Shen Nong, people honored him as "The King of the Five Grains and The Father of Chinese Medicine".

Dalai Lama, the Spiritual Leader of Tibetan Buddhism, once said: "Comparing the contribution made to mankind, Tibetan medicine should have more significance than Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan medicine offers a lot of good remedies to help sufferers without any limitations of time and area. People usually focus only on religion and politics and neglect the important value of the Tibetan medicine."

For years, tumor and cancer have been one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. These life threatening diseases cause agonizing pains, disability, restlessness, fidgetiness, and many other miserable symptoms. Thousands of patients who suffer from cancer are praying for a miracle to reduce the pain and prolong their lives.

Now there is a new hope. Chinese BittersTM , an herbal nutrition extract utilizing high-tech extraction and the modern biotechnology, has been introduced to the market.

The traditional Chinese philosophy posits a unique relationship between the organs and tissues of the human body as well as between the human body and the natural environment, all of which have to remain in balance in order to maintain the normal physiological function of the body. When the balance between the organs, the human body, and the environment is disrupted, disease results.

The formula of Chinese BittersTM is an epitome of both traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine. It summarizes the essence of the ancient set prescription and formulas. Through extensive clinical practice, the formula has been further improved by modifying the dose of each ingredient. Chinese BittersTM brings the effects of the herbs together and gives full play to their combination in strengthening energy, enhancing blood circulation, nourishing liver and stomach, and invigorating the function of spleen to regulate the immune system and to achieve the goal of knocking tumor and cancer down. This method is exactly in conformity with traditional Chinese medicinal principles assisting the healing and dispelling the illness.

The main ingredients of Chinese BittersTM include Astragalosides, Carotenoids, Chrysophanol, Hesperidins, Glycyrrhizin, Rheumemodin, Catechin, Polysaccharides, Linalool, Rutin, and Saponins. This is the first time that such a great quantity of Saponins is applied to the set prescription of Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

The Perfect Herbal Life Saver

To improve your health, we are proud to present you our unique Chinese BittersTM ¡X an ancient herbal formula exceptionally researched and specially formulated by our ancestor.

Chinese BittersTM is an all-purpose health tonic which assists in:

  • Cleansing the organs
  • Detoxifying the blood
  • Enhancing digestion
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Supporting healing and recovery

People are waking up, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer article of September 5th 2002, entitled "Many cancer patients getting relief from alternative treatments, study shows," Carol Smith reported that "Seven out of ten (70%) adult cancer patients in Western Washington are using alternative therapies¡K." The survey, done in conjunction with Bastyr University in Kenmore and the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, was based on interviews with 356 patients who had breast, prostate, or colon cancer.

The conventional treatment methods for the tumor and cancer sufferers are surgery (in the early stages) and chemotherapy or radiation (middle and late stages). These methods treat the symptoms of cancer rather than the causes and they have no significant effect on the symptoms or the causes of the disease. Treating cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation may sometimes cause tumors to spread. The conventional treatments such as chemo and radiation are too toxic and they often create a lot of damage to a patient's body. Not only do the conventional treatments damage both the healthy cells and the cancer cells at the same time, but also they destroy the immune system causing the body to become too weak to support further treatments. The patients' lives become devastated eventually. Therefore, millions of patients are searching for alternative treatments to change their lives.

There is a Chinese proverb saying: "An efficacious herb tastes bitter."
Chinese BittersTM is the best natural solution!
Chinese BittersTM is creating miracles and may be the hope that many sufferers have been searching for!
Chinese BittersTM is the perfect herbal life saver!

The above information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, or in any way replace qualified medical supervision. For serious medical conditions, consult with your doctor before using these or any other herbal remedies.

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